sports therapist

sports physical therapist

sports therapist assist restore athletes who have continuous physical injuries. Also they identify problems and assess patient wellness throughout treatment plan.Since sports physical therapists work may be physical hard; physical therapists sometimes stand for longer periods and aid patients within the progression of therapy.

Career requirements  


  • Get a Bachelor’s Degree:

Associated bachelor’s degree programs for undergraduates include pre physical therapy, athletic training, and biology or health sciences. As an undergraduate, students obtain courses that accomplish requirements to enroll in physical therapy graduate school, such as biology, chemistry, physics. Degree program in physical therapist assistant can also prepare students for a graduate degree program. A few colleges offer accelerated dual-degree programs, such as a six year program composed of 3 years at the undergraduate level and 3 years in DPT program.


Consider your sports therapist career goals. Individuals who ultimately want to work as sports therapists must get a graduate degree. Mixture program is best option to get sports physical therapy career started quickly.


  • Add Basic Training

Several physical therapy graduate degree programs require applicants to volunteer or do job before entrance. Lowest amount of hours working in the field may be suggested, while other programs require a specific amount of time spent in a variety of settings. Prospective physical therapists can normally find this kind of work in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics.


Add specialization. Students can add hands-on physical therapy training; also sports focus physical therapy, by completing internships, volunteer experiences or work experiences in sports therapy clinic.


DPT is the degree for physical therapy programs. CAPTE is the accrediting body of APTA and only accreditation agency that is recognized by the United States Department of Education and CHEA. Earlier to graduation, students require to complete residency under experienced superior.

Get license to practice as Physical therapist

States in the U.S.A require physical therapists to be license holders. Though license requirements differ, they generally include degree from a CAPTE-accredited program and passing grade on NPTE. A number of states mandate continuing education courses to keep license.


Perform your research. Therapists should contact their state to find out about license requirements.In addition sports physical therapist must know when to renew a license and what is requirement.


Voluntary certification in area of sports physical therapy is available by American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties. Sports certified specialist physical therapy includes the completion of an accredited post-doctoral residency program, at least of two thousand hours of patient care experience in physical sports therapy. Furthermore sports therapists must also earn passing scores on examination.

  • Join APTA

APTA offers membership to Physical therapist who has graduated from an accredited physical therapy program. This membership is for twelve months and provides members more exposure to potential employers. Continuing education courses are also available through the APTA, therefor these use towards license renewal.


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