sports physical therapy

sports physical therapy

First of all sports therapy specialist work with sport and exercise participants to assist in  avoiding injuries, know, manage and treat them as they occur. In addition physical sports therapy professionals rehabilitate the person back to full fitness.

What is a sports physical therapist

especially relevant applying principles of sport and exercise science sports and physical therapy specialists add in physiological and pathological processes to make sure participants are instructed and  opposed safely and provide instant response as sport and exercise related injuries happen.

Furthermore if injuries, health related problems go away from sports physical therapy specialist scope of practice, they will send the patient to other healthcare professional.

sports physical therapy

Sports physical therapy job description

especially relevant  sports physical therapist job description may include these

  1. Joints testing for range of movement, pain and dysfunction.
  2. Physically and mentally preparing players, athletes prior to a competition, by strapping, taping and massage techniques wherever essential.
  3. Referrals to other professionals related to healthcare.
  4. First aid in a sport and exercise situation.
  5. Investigating and reviewing injuries.
  6. Treating and mobilizing injuries to alleviate pain;
  7. Restoring health by using electrotherapy and Hands on therapy.
  8. Giving  an opinion to athletes on diet and food(not all pt sports specialist)
  9. Working with coaches, trainers, fitness advisers to apply exercise, training, core strength and injury avoidance.

sports therapy specialist salary

  • 17000 gbp to 35000 gbp annually in UK. (25 gbp to 45 gbp every session).
  • 82000 usd per year USA.


Almost all sports therapy  specialists usually work 36 hours weekly. Especially relevant sports team Sports therapists are available for weekend and seven-days-a week during the peak term.

Sports physical therapy education:

In conclusion, no need to go to for degree or postgraduate qualification to practice as sports therapist in USA and UK.

Finally these 2 representative bodies can be contacted for specialized courses.

especially relevant APTA USA

Society sports therapists UK


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