what is a physiotherapist

Physiotherapist work for people’s reduced capability in business or industrial injuries for all ages, from infants to the elderly. Mostly  physios are working in health care in municipalities and small counties, such as hospitals, medical services, elderly care. Some also work in private companies with occupational health, private clinics and sports.

they have good understanding knowledge of the body and movement ability. PT works directly with people and body contact occurs at each patient visit. Physiotherapists are often in teaching their patients to practice different exercises at workplace and at home. As a physiotherapist, you work very autonomously with investigating and processing data, to inform, advice and support and to prevent poor health.

what does a physiotherapist do

As a physiotherapist you have talent which open doors to a variety of actions. Some physiotherapists are actively engaged in teaching and research. They advise and support, develop care and rehabilitation strategy, to prevent illness, often in senior positions.

how to become a physiotherapist

Physiotherapist degree program, previously known as physiotherapy program, the college and university offers a base. The Physiotherapy study includes the theory and methodology including education, behavioral sciences, medical sciences, treatment of disabilities and accredited training. The training requires studies at university or college for three years minimum. Certified physiotherapists education consists of 180 credits and provides degree holder to eligible for an identification card from the National Board.

All through last semester of undergraduate studies of physiotherapists, there is chance to have certain specialization in different areas with the help of elective courses. There is also a diversity of further education (masters and Phd degrees). For specialist in physiotherapy, a total of five years of education includes master / master and clinical supervision for three years.

physiotherapist qualifications

In addition there is also possibility to read the master’s degree program abroad after completing the bachelor’s degree.Physiotherapy / physiotherapist degree programs are taught in many countries. Almost western world’s physiotherapist’s degree programs approved in Europe, but probably require specific tests in order to work in Europe. Requirement might be that education is comparable to the specific country physiotherapists training. Also there is option to read as exchange student for one or more semesters when studying at the undergraduate level. Contact the university where you want to study to get more information.

Also as you become a licensed physical therapist you can also work abroad. Finally the Nordic countries and the EU physiotherapy education recognized worldwide.

It is not uncommon word for medical field or healthcare field person. Physiotherapist help patients to recover from their disease especially if they are old  and also help them to gain their activities of daily living.

growth of physiotherapy field in pakistan is boosting and 2025-2030 will be the best era for earning from this field.

As field becoming popular among students, parents and medical professionals, there is now peak in PT admissions in pakistan. the most popular degree is dpt.

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