physical therapy salary

As pre physical therapy candidate, you most likely did not get into the therapy field to become wealthy. You do it as you enjoy serving and curing people. But even if money is not your main inspiration, it should still be somewhere in your mind. Therefore, these are few things to keep in mind as you consider compensation.

 Physical therapist salary according to experience:

 Salaries for physical therapist may differ broadly based on physical therapist number of years in the field. According to the study, physical therapy starting salary was 66,545 USD in 2011, whereas PTs with 16 + years experience earned round about 84,656 USD. Physical therapist who falls somewhere between these two domains neither not fresh nor most experienced, should look forward to earn salary somewhere near the national median 80,355 USD. Yet, it’s important to note others geographic figures also. For example, physical therapy salary ny (USD) 75k-94k.

Average Physical therapy salary 2016 hourly

Like the old saying, time is wealth. If you are constantly doing extra hours as salaried worker, then you are getting less money for your time-just simple calculation. So, several therapists like better clock-in-clock-out pay plan. Employers can also take advantage from this type of arrangement too. Research shows that hourly pay earners report top levels of job gladness than those working on salary. Also happier employees normally are more dynamic employees.

doctor of physical therapy salary

If you are Licensed Physical therapist having idea of entering a post professional doctor of physical therapy (DPT) program and if increase in salary for physical therapy is your top drive for earning advanced degree, you should think twice. According to the APTA, current data do not support the hypothesis that doctorate in physical therapy salary is higher than those having Bachelors or masters degrees. 2015 Advance salary survey appears to back up this statement, stating that (common range for both bachelor’s (29.9%) and master’s (30%) was 85k-100k, whereas common for doctor physical therapy salary (24.9%) was remarkably lower 65k-75k). In reality, physical therapist number of years in clinical practice plays superior role in determining salary than does his or her educational level.


Travel physical therapy salary domain is not for everyone. If you have got the irritation to get out and do some searching, then it may be value considering. estimates the physical therapy average salary of traveling physical therapist to be $102,000. (However, home health physical therapy salary strongly depends on contract length, years). As travel PT Leonard explains in article, travel therapy positions typically pay an hourly wage that is considerably higher compared to permanent positions. Plus these jobs normally come with benefits like paid housing, transportation and food. A few contracts include health and dental insurance, even though you will need to think that as an additional cost if you are seeing at compensation package that does not offer insurance benefits.


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