Pakistan Physiotherapy council

Physiotherapists of Pakistan will not forget this day May 03, 2018 when Federal cabinet allowed for Pakistan Physical therapy Council.

Draft of Pakistan Physical therapy Council (PPTC) was submitted in 2009 but there were many hurdles so its process was delayed.

I Dr Jawad warmly congratulate PPTA (Pakistan Physiotherapy Association) team  Muhammad Aamir Saeed , Asghar Khan, Dr-Salman Malik Kamboh PT , Naveed Babur, Qamar Mahmood, Abid Minhas, Ashfaq Ahmad, Mahboob Ur Rahman, Syed Shakil Ur Rehmanand and all young physios who worked hard for this noble cause.

Below are Pictures of long awaiting process in making PPTC.


Pakistan Physical therapy Council

Pakistan Physical therapy Council

Pakistan Physical therapy Council

Pakistan Physical therapy Council Journey

Though Physiotherapy profession is very old profession in Pakistan even before 1980.

its recognition was very low by Government and at Public level.

After 2008 there was boom for DPT degree and so new institutes started doctor of Physical therapy degree in Pakistan.

especially relevant in 2008 PPTA (pakistan physiotherapy association ) was formed for rights of physio therapists and to form unity of Physiotherapists of Pakistan.

more and more Students and Professionals joined it.

Senior Physio thought about forming Pakistani council like PMDC and they invited young physios to be part of their noble movement.

now there are more than 100 institutes  offering DPT Degrees in Pakistan.

it is at number four medical field people are taking admissions after MBBS, BDs and Pharmacist.

As more institutes opened people talk about field growth and fear about its slow progress.

students of DPTs and professionals were fear about thier existence.

especially relevant after formation of PHC there were many hurdles for Physiotherapists. PHC requires council for every field to register with them.

most noteworthy main aim of PHC was to allow MBBS and BDS to write Drs with thier name and allow only these degree holders to do private independence practice in Punjab.

Most of all PPTC formation is blessing for Physiotherapists of Pakistan.



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