is a physiotherapist a doctor

generally students after their intermediate pre-medical search for good career and physiotherapy profession is booming at good speed. Before getting admissions when student see degree name DPT (doctor of Physiotherapy) they confuse and ask who is physiotherapist doctor. Are physiotherapists doctors The Answer is Yes and No.

In Pakistan situation  is worse as PMDC regulatory body of MBBS and Dentists does not want DPT and D.Pharmacy degree holder to write doctors with their name. How ever 80 percent of Physiotherapist are writing Dr before their name. There is no restriction from HEC.

are physiotherapists doctors

is physiotherapist are doctors

According to Many states in USA such as Michigan, DPT degree Holder can write Dr before their name but they should write PT after their name to differentiate from medical doctors.


physiotherapist vs doctor


Physiotherapist write generally topically pain ointments while doctors write all medicines.

Physio earn Doctor of physical therapy degree which is graduate degree (6 years) while doctor study MBBS (5 years) which is undergraduate degree.

Physiotherapist use mostly equipment like muscle stimulation, shortwave diathermy to reduce pain while doctors use medicine.

There is no council for physiotherapist in pakistan while Doctors are under regulated body PMDC.




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